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L'Istituto Formativo ARCHIMEDE

L'Istituto Formativo ARCHIMEDE - Istituto Formativo ARCHIMEDE

L'Istituto Formativo Archimede,

thanks to decades of experience of its team, ensures the student an excellent cultural growth and training, offering a serious and meticulously cared for the recovery of school years, after-school, private lessons, exam preparation university, language courses, the repetitions, the preparation for state examinations and professional courses. Thanks to our teachers, is guaranteed the performance of state programs in a rigorous and updated, while still providing affordable and competitive. The courses are structured especially going against the needs of the student, studying along our route. We wait for you to visit our facility and do an interview without any commitment.

Istituto Formativo ARCHIMEDE

Istituto Formativo ARCHIMEDE